True Urban Experience with a Low Cost, Endless Possibilities, and Friends Along the Way.



"to be a friend who has a home all over the world."

We, as the Stay & Smile family, started this company with the vision of creating homes for people from all over the world. Our family believes that living in a city, even for a brief time, cannot only be about the house or the streets you walk through. Sharing our lives with others gives us exprerience, knowledge and new thought practies.

We are rapidly moving towards being a friend's house where you will share experience all over the world.



"to make every guest feel like at their closest friend's home."

We are forever in the hopes that our guests leave our houses with feelings of satisfaction and that exact feeling of genuine happiness that comes from creating new beautiful bonds that might even last a lifetime. Thus, we have a mission to make sure that every guest that comes to iur houses feel as if they are staying at their bestie's home. This feeling of safety and genuine happiness is not always regarded as a criterion while looking for a temporary place to stay. Considering your happiness and welfare, we established our houses to be meeting centres of amazing people from all over the world. Our mission of presenting you with a safe, friendly house and an amazing time is supported by our ability to ensure that we meet your needs, your expectations, and your satisfaction all through open communication, steady work, and a great feedback system.

Come on and become a part of this big and beautiful family of ours!