Every meal at the Hard Rock Café New York is an adventure, whether you're on the go or taking a lunch break. At this popular restaurant in the center of New York City's iconic Times Square, dine in elegance and feel like a celebrity. For the main dish, choose from the Legendary Burger, ribs, salmon, steak, or a vegetarian choice, as well as a side and dessert. Included are coffee, tea, or a soft drink.

This cafe proves that coffee and rock can go together seamlessly. Ordinary steaks, ribs or burgers are served in this bar, which is one of the most interesting restaurants in New York. While eating these, you'll be surrounded by musical memorabilia such as stage costumes by Madonna or Gwen Stefani.

Located in the former Paramount Theatre, the cafe is one of the largest in New York with a seating capacity of over 700. The memorabilia collection is equally remarkable. Behind its doors, the Beatles composed the music, a white costume worn by Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham during one of their concerts, and Jimmy Hendricks' handwriting with the lyrics are just some of them. There is also a gift shop in front of the building.

Even if you have booked a table before visiting, you may have to wait.

Address : 1501 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA

Phone: +1 212-343-3355

Contact: https://www.hardrockcafe.com/location/new-york/