Manhattan is one of the busiest and most popular areas in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting every day. This is also a commercial, cultural and financial center. It is almost the meeting point of those who want to receive various educations, those who are studying at university and those who are interested in art, and much more. Many famous landmarks, museums, universities and tourist attractions are also located here.

People who come to the city for various reasons may need accommodation longer than a month. This is exactly what we, as the Stay&Smile family, offer a great solution to this issue, along with the desire to aim to be the indispensable choice of those who love to travel.


Whether for business or pleasure, for any reason, we believe that any form of travel is fun. Therefore, we offer a special and convenient service where you can experience both the texture of the country and the concepts of modernity just by following the easy steps.


Monthly Rental


In short, all you have to do is experience the city as a New Yorker!