We do more than just provide a home for people all over the world. We also have a variety of services for homeowners!


Owners who have a house with a lot of free space or an individual house that is completely not used, can also prefer to work with us! 


Because, not only do we provide intensive accommodation in Manhattan, we also enable homeowners to maximize their benefits by managing and renting their property.


To exemplify, our service includes hosting, cleaning and listing management (i.e., maintaining message traffic with your guests). To elaborate, we can receive the check-ins of the guests coming on your behalf and we can clean the apartment after their check-out.


In this way, we not only provide a fair price by considering your budget, but also help to alleviate your workload.


In addition, as the Stay&Smile family, we provide this service not only in Manhattan, but also in the most exclusive regions of the world.